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Tsebo Egypt is a market leader that proudly serves many of the largest national and multinational enterprises working in Egypt.

With nearly 50-years of experience and a staff complement of 14,000 industry professionals, Tsebo is the most innovative, experienced, and capable integrated workplace solutions including catering, cleaning, disinfection, pest control, landscape, FM, Security.



Years Experience





Tsebo Egypt has a demonstrable record in the catering and support services market where we have been able to deliver sustainable services and added value to our clients’ businesses by adopting the Groups’ four core values, namely Integrity, Enterprising, Caring, and Diligent.

Our catering division is divided into distinct businesses, each positioned to serve a specific market segment – premium, mainstream, and mass-market. This segmented model allows us to deliver the right kind of catering for different sectors or elements of a single business.

TSEBO central kitchens locations:

New Cairo

6th of October

Beni Suef



We provide high-quality cleaning services that support the health of employees, customers, and workspaces. We combine the best people with the best technology and the best systems to deliver consistent, high-quality service.

Our cleaning practices are structured to minimize chemical waste and environmental harm. We use green-certified and environmentally friendly chemicals whenever possible to reduce direct pollution and we drive innovation to create improved processes that reduce water usage and packaging waste.


We also provide businesses with specialist disinfection solutions with an essential resource in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer a range of services, tailored to your needs, to support your business deal with the effects of the coronavirus.

At TSEBO Egypt, we use the latest global disinfection device that is highly effective against viruses, Moonbeam 3 sterilizer with Ultraviolet rays that disinfects the whereabouts of employees, patients, and hospital workers in just 3 minutes!

Facility Management Services

Pest Control, Landscape, MEP, Security Services, and Remote Camps.
Tsebo is the leading Facilities Management provider across Middle East. In everything, from office park maintenance to wholesale management of municipal service delivery processes, our ability to optimise work environments and the supporting services of an organisation enables our clients to achieve their objectives more efficiently, and at a lower cost.
We provide our clients with a reliable business infrastructure, creating ideal working environments by maintaining infrastructure through the delivery of essential support services, all backed by our robust technical architecture and client service flair.

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